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Foodpanda’s new ad: what does panda mean?

In a recent ad of Foodpanda, we see a bunch of pandas lying around and doing nothing. But the ad does not have any relevance to humans.

The ad starts with a voice hushing in the background as a panda is sleeping. Then the voice introduces us to the panda, saying that they are the peaceful creatures on earth.

The voice says, that the sole motive of pandas is to eat, chill and sleep.

The pandas are also seen showing off and having food as the voice in the background describes that this should be our focus to spend more time with family and showing off to the people.

We also see a Foodpanda’s (company’s box) in a clip, which suggests that they are just eating and looking for more to eat. 

The voice is also describing what pandas are doing, and how it has a connection with our lives.

Finally, later in the ad, we see an animated pink panda which is actually the character that represents the company.

The original panda and the modern animated panda see each other through a big screen, chanting the company’s slogan, “Live like a panda.”

What does this ad actually mean?

Out of so many things that we see on our Television screens, we try to make sense of everything. Ads play an important part since they portray and impact our lifestyle in a number of ways.

Ads are designed to grab audience’s attention have people buy their product and services, especially kids and women are the target audience. 

However, this ad does not seem to educate the audience, the only sole purpose of the company’s advertisement is to push people into a more sedentary routine and have them oder food from food panda’s platform. 

Why Panda?

The question arises, why Foodpanda chose this animal? 

Pandas are famous for their lazy lifestyle. They avoid socializing with members of different groups. This is why food company seems to encourage the same routine so people buy more and more until it becomes their daily routine. 

The notion is to discourage female audience from making food at home.

Since, we all know that Foodpanda is an online food delivery platform which later started delivering groceries at high rates.

Therefore, the reason for selecting this animal is obvious to us. Panda signifies an inactive and sedentary routine. 

The company wants us to use its platform for food delivery and promote a lifestyle that is not desired.

Some Key Things

We all know this kind of daily routine can be quite detrimental to our health, and that’s why we must say no to everything that encourages us to become lazy like a panda. 

In a fast-moving world, we need motivation and energy, since there is so much competition and we, as a developing nation, need to do hard work in every field.

And by every field, we mean cooking, cleaning, and everything that is as low as sweeping and mopping. We should not shy away from doing such tasks.


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