These Things Matter In Marriage

Many people find marriage to be a source of great joy, but it also comes with significant challenges. The way a couple handles them often determines whether or not their relationship will last. Maintaining a long-term relationship may include one or both partners letting go of erroneous beliefs or unhealthy habits.

It should also be kept in mind that trying to change your significant other might do more harm than good if your spouse wants to change themselves. Marriage brings about a big change in couples’ lives. It affects both partners but with time both become less agreeable.

Signs of a happy marriage

According to researchers, John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman, the way spouses talk about each other reveals the state of their relationship. They take pleasure in overcoming obstacles rather than focussing on their issues. They specifically refer to each other warmly; use “we” rather than “I” when speaking about their relationship; and express pride in conquering obstacles rather than dwelling on their problems.

How to keep a marriage happy?

Well, needless to say, after the first few years of marriage, most couples see a general drop in satisfaction. According to a study, those who stay together have some habits in common. They act as if they’re still dating; they focus on each other’s excellent qualities; they express pleasure; and, rather than blaming each other, they acknowledge that external demands may be causing them stress.

However, there are things that couples do and they do not realise how much hurt their spouse may feel. But if we you become more careful about it then you could live a happy life.

Never Hesitate to Apologize

Well, no one likes admitting they’ve made a mistake. This is especially true for men, whose pride can make saying “I’m sorry” difficult. The thing is, when two people live together for an extended period of time, they are bound to say and do things that are hurtful to one another. Holding on to pride and being hesitant to apologise simply adds to the problem. It’s as if you’re ok with the notion that your words or actions have caused her pain.

Never stop doing little things

Do you remember putting lots of effort before marriage when you wanted to marry the person and did lots of little things to show your love for him or her? Perhaps you bought them flowers, or sent a card or left an “I miss you” message. As the years have gone chances are you’ve stopped doing some or all these things. The danger here is that it can leave your spouse feeling like you take them for granted.

Never Stop Noticing the Difference

Your spouse contributes a lot on a daily basis to your life. When it comes to your wife, she undoubtedly goes the extra mile to do housework. She spends a lot of time at home with the kids and maintaining the home. Sadly, she doesn’t get paid for what she does. This takes a lot of energy and mental pressure. She cooks, does chores, looks after kids, and manages everything at home. However, making sure that her efforts are recognised and appreciated can be quite rewarding.

Well, that goes for a wife too, she needs to appreciate all the little things her husband does for her when he is out working hard to provide her with a better lifestyle. Most of women do not realise what their husband goes through at their workplace. So, if he seems tired from all the work, just some words of appreciation and affection may not harm.


There are things in marriage that warn us that some issues need to be addressed. Regretfully, we often don’t recognise problems or feel unable to solve them because we lack the necessary energy, tools, or motivation. However, if left unaddressed, even minor issues can quickly escalate into major problems in a marriage. Before it’s too late, we must learn to recognise and respond to these signals.

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