A comedy show to take place in Jeddah on 25 March

A comedy show is all set to take place in Jeddah where renowned Pakistani comedians will be there to entertain the public on Friday, 25th March.

The show, Hansna Mana Hai (Try Not to Laugh) will feature some famous Pakistani artists such as Shakeel Siddiqui, renowned TV artist Tanveer Jamal, Amir Rambo while Safdar Shah Kazmi will appear as a special guest.

The event aims to entertain the audience of Jeddah and those coming from other cities in Saudi Arabia. People attending the show will enjoy Multi-cultural dances, Magic show, Talent show, Dhol Dhamal Musical band, Play & Win, Lucky draws, Fire show, Food and Beverages.

The most important part of the event is that it will be hosted in the Urdu language where people from Asian countries can enjoy the show in their own native language.

The show will be organised at Equestrian Park, Jeddah from 6 pm to 12 am. The price of the gold ticket is SAR 250, while a regular ticket can be bought for SAR 100. However, a 20% discount will be offered to those who buy 25 tickets and 30% will be to those who buy 50 tickets for both gold and regular categories.

Those who want to attend a 6-hour-long comedy night on 25 March can buy tickets online;

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