Piers Morgan criticizes Justin Trudeau after Queen meeting

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, had a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II this week.

The Prime Minister, who arrived in the United Kingdom amid Russia’s continuing war against Ukraine, paid a special visit to Her Majesty shortly after her COVID-19 recovery.

Mr Trudeau was seen welcoming the Queen as he reached forward to gently clasp her hand in images shared on the royal family’s official Twitter and Instagram sites. However, the politician neglected to put on his mask, which was widely mocked by Britons, including Piers Morgan.

Morgan took to his Twitter handle and wrote, “Why on earth would @JustinTrudeau wear a mask to meet @Keir_Starmer but not the Queen? Preposterous.”

Others joined the former GMB host in mocking the Prime Minister. Why is Trudeau wearing a mask for his meeting with Keir Starmer, but not for his meeting with the Queen, 95? “tweeted former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney.

Nick Timothy, a columnist, added: “Is Trudeau unconcerned with the Queen’s well-being? Is it possible that the masks are just for show?”

Mr Johnson and his Dutch colleague Mark Rutte met in the United Kingdom to discuss the Russian incursion.

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