Apple to launch new iPhone SE and iPad Air

While tensions rise worldwide, Apple unveiled the low-cost iPhone SE and the new iPad Air at its inaugural event in 2022.

During a videotaped speech that was aired live on Tuesday, Apple introduced the new $429 iPhone SE. It’s one of a slew of new features released by the firm.

The next iPhone SE will support 5G, featuring a faster processor, and will be the final iPhone with a home button and fingerprint sensor. A new iPad Air, Mac Studio desktop computer, and 27-inch display were also announced by Apple.

During the epidemic, Apple changed its in-person events to video, and although offices progressively reopened, the firm is sticking with the model for the time being. The sophisticated but oddly muted launch comes at an awkward time for Apple and the IT industry in the United States.

In response to worldwide criticism, the company ceased selling its goods in Russia last week and curtailed its Apple Pay service in the country. According to market research company IDC, Apple is the country’s third-largest smartphone maker, after Samsung and Xiaomi.

Although it may not appear to be all that thrilling, Apple’s low-cost $429 iPhone SE has just received some fascinating internal changes. For the first time, the company’s most affordable smartphone supports 5G networks, including the ones that caused aviation officials’ concerns in January.

Perhaps more crucial is Apple’s decision to employ the same fast A15 Bionic CPU found in the company’s most costly smartphones in the SE model, which stands for “special edition.” That’s unusual for a phone that costs less than $500, but it does come with some drawbacks.

The iPhone SE is a little more expensive than before and has a smaller, less detailed screen than the Galaxy S21 FE and the Pixel 6. To the chagrin of photographers, it has just one rear camera.

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