Aleem Khan joins Jahangir Tareen group

KARACHI: Aleem Khan, a former senior minister in Punjab, has joined Jahangir Khan Tareen’s PTI group in order to “save” the party after “loyalists” were marginalised following Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ascension to office.

Aleem, who resigned as a Punjab government minister in November of last year, told the media on Monday that he and his “like-minded” supporters had joined the Tareen group to “strengthen the party.”

PML-Q senior leader and Speaker Punjab Assembly Pervez Elahi, on the other hand, has alerted the PTI-led government that it was “fast losing control” over the political situation as opposition parties were claiming that they had achieved the support of enough lawmakers required to de-seat Prime Minister Imran through a no-confidence vote.

Sources informed on Monday that he made the statements in a meeting with Punjab government officials, when he urged its coalition partner, PTI, that “major political choices” were urgently needed.

In today’s meeting, Aleem Khan remarked, “This party [PTI] belongs to everyone, not just to any individual,” and expressed sorrow for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s neglect of Tareen when he took office in 2018.

According to the senior party official, he has spoken with around 40 PTI MPs who have voiced dissatisfaction with the PTI government’s performance.

When asked whether he would support a no-confidence motion against the administration, Aleem said the choice will be made after mutual dialogue with other aggrieved members.

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