KE Sustains Continued Power Supply as Gusty Winds Batter Karachi

Karachi: As the gushing winds started blowing in the port city from Friday morning, K-Electric ensured that the power supply to the city remain stable.

However, areas with high incidence of theft and kunda usage were preemptively shut down temporarily in the interest of safety of the residents and the power supply was swiftly restored after receiving clearance from the ground teams of KE.

During the on-going spell of heavy winds, the maximum number of feeders that switched off for safety reasons was around 150 out of KE’s network of more than 1900 feeders that supply electricity to the entire city and it’s surrounding areas.

K-Electric’s Director Communications Imran Rana commented, “Our systems remained predominantly intact as strong gusts of wind, blowing at the speed of 36-45 km/h, battered Karachi. Our teams ensured that the city is provided with safe and reliable power supply.

In areas where theft and kundas are prevalent, a limited number of feeders were temporarily shut down out of caution owing to safety hazards in these areas. However, they were soon restored after receiving clearance from the on-ground teams.”

Heavy winds also caused a streetlight pole to collapse to the ground in Korangi resulting in injury of a passerby. KE spokesperson expressed his sorrow over the incident and clarified that streetlight poles are not owned, installed, operated, or maintained by K-Electric.

There was an electrocution case also reported inside home in Mansehra colony, Landhi area of Karachi. Initial findings suggested that the unfortunate incident occurred while using the water motor inside the premises.

Cognizant of the ongoing intensified weather, KE strongly urged citizens to exercise caution and keep a safe distance from broken wires, TV and internet cables as well as electricity infrastructure. Customers are further advised to be cautious when using electrical appliances, especially water motors, while inside their premises.

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